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Oh god, when does it end?

Yes, hello crazy rating community no. 36789345762.

Ich bin Astrid.
And my screen name is Hallo Katzchen.
And that's cute because it means Hello Kitty in Deutsch.
And that's cute because Deutsch means German in Deutsch.

And I'm not cute because I'm annoying, also.

And now the moment we've all been laughing at...

I promise you, I'm not on anything. (Which is probably part of the problem. Hahaha)
This is your Astrid on drugs.

I'm not the devil's lovechild. (But I play one on TV?)
This is your Astrid on a bus?

You don't know this, but my head is resting on a roll of toilet paper.
This is your Astrid on.

Oh, hey, I'm staring off into space. As usual.
This is your Astrid off.

And.. you're done! That wasn't so bad, was it?

... it was?

... oh. Sorry, then.
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